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This fun and spooky evening includes dinner, live performance, and a mystery to solve!

Tenino Young-at-Heart Theatre Presents

A Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Madame Zodiak, world famous astrologer, is hosting a lecture on how astrology can change your life. Accompanying her are her much-younger new husband, Taurus, and her incompetent secretary, Gemini. No sooner does Madame begin her lecture when she is interrupted by a heckler. This heckler is Dr. Leo Turnbull, who is enraged that she is allowed to speak. He is a true scientist and is furious that she is allowed to spread her astrology hokum around. And so, when Madame is poisoned, it would appear that he would be an immediate suspect. Or so you think! Will the stars tell us anything? Should we return Madame Zodiak from the dead so she can tell us who did it? Join us to find out!

Tenino Young-at-Heart Theatre Presents

Hearts of the Arts Gala

Join us on November 11, 2023, at Hillside Farms as we celebrate another year of performances and supporting the arts in our Tenino community. This fantastic evening of fun and festivities will support our ongoing theatre programs and the development of our very own theater building. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner, silent and live auctions, and much more!

More about TYT Reads

TYT Reads performances are one night only, script in hand, full length shows. We use minimal props and set pieces. These performances give actors and directors an opportunity to participate in more shows and allows us to make connections with local business and community members. We are so excited to be able to offer more theatre to our patrons throughout the year.