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The Addams Family

Gomez – Dario Bahena

Fester – Elijah Bush

Pugsley – Cameron Docter

Lucas – Brenner Farr

Alice – Courtney Keller

Grandma – Vesta Loomis

Mal – Ian Montgomery

Morticia – Bri Morningred

Wednesday – Madeleine Roy

Lurch – Guy Warren

Pirate Addams – Nicole Anderson

Knight Addams – Christian (Chris) Bolduc

Soldier Addams – Christopher (Chris) Cabrera

Housewife Addams – Taylor Canfield

Bride Addams – Rhiannon (Rhi) Dover

Flower Girl Addams – Messina Occhino

Gypsy Addams – Emily Feek

Renaissance Addams – Kendra Hall

Caveman Addams – Alexander (Alex) Hume

Woodstock  Addams – Rebekah Kuss

Starlet  Addams – Caeley Nix

Matador  Addams – Matthew Papaly

Grecian Addams  – Makenzie Summers

Flapper Addams  – Brianna Tomtan

Saloon Girl Addams – Brittany Wilcox

Boating  Addams – Alaina Calquhoun

Director – Isaac McKenzieSullivan

Musical Direction – William Miller and Paul Brassey

Choreography – Madeleine Roy

Stage Manager – Alicia Noelle

Costumes – Michael Ready

Seamstress – Karen Gilligan

Stitchers – Kristen Roy and Allison Haugan

Makeup and Hair – Trista Cholski

Properties – Lisa Cook and Misty Nix

Technical Director – Noah McKenzieSullivan

Grips – Nadine and Levi Somers

Carpenters – Noah McKenzieSullivan,  Austin and Camerson Docter, Isaac McKenzieSullivan ,  Vesta Loomis, Courtney Keller, Chris Cabrera, Cameron Jones and Jay Jones

Scene Painter – Katie Medford, Brenda, Jack, Corbin, and Ashley Klawitter and Brynn and Norah Sas, and Courtney Keller and Vesta Loomis

Graphic Artist – Fran Potasnik

House Manager – Eileen McKenzieSullivan

Conductor  – William Miller

Reed 1 – Sasha Friese/Franklin Kuss

Reed 2 – Brittany Wood

Trumpet – Heather Moore

Trombone – Zach Teply

Cello – Tim Eberl

Bass – John O’Conner

Drums – Ryan O’Connor

Percussion – Libby Walter

Keyboard 1 – Matt Durham

Keyboard 2 – Carter Rowell