Audience Reaction

For Adams Family

TYT cast members love getting positive feedback! Feel free to post your kudos.

Bob, and Isaac,  …..and William Miller & Paul Brassey!       AND ETC.  (Entertaining Tenino “Clan”),
Thank you all for a much needed Sunday afternoon, being carried completely away by the outstanding, wonderful theatre in Tenino.   And trust me!   It takes a lot for me to get that carried away!   But your performance(s) were riveting!   Talk about characters!…..   Uh …..   I’m mean, Characters getting IN to their parts!
Having done a lot of theatre over time, I especially enjoyed how engaged the full cast stayed throughout the performance!   And the orchestra!   PAR EXCELLENCE!    I don’t think I’ve enjoyed the orchestra in previous years like I did this year!   Always good, but this year, outstanding plus!
I know it takes a village – meaning a lot of dedicated people – to do a theatre production.   But you also had a village full of very talented, competent people;  staging, costumes, makeup – you name it.
Looking forward!   I can hardly wait to see OLIVER next year

Sharon Fasnacht, Olympia, WA

For Mary Poppins

Some of you guys know that having been a vocal music major in college, and doing quite a few musicals myself over time, I can be very critical. So you need to “hear” the smile on my face that I’m still wearing when I reviewed the “Mary Poppins” program this morning and decided to write an email. I would have been Knocked out of my seat by the show, but after all, I was in the top row. hee hee I’ve seen most of the shows and consider this the best in ALL respects.
So glad you started 5 minutes late because I got a chance to read the program, and admire the staging & sets. AND THEN THEY MOVED! Great design for a confined space at the school, or any space! The chimney, and character appearances were so well done! That’s a real tribute to the stage design and building and painting. loved the costuming as well. And the special effects, like Mary Poppins flying, the kites, and the flashlights – all appreciated!
And about the talent; That Theresa girl keeps knocking my socks off, acting wise, as does Tim. They played off one another beautifully. And as for the “kids”, Nadine Rhodes, who played Jane, and Alaina Calquhoun, who played Michael; PERFECT as playing the two characters as they were meant to be played! I’ve sung with Nadine in Masterworks but had no idea she could sell a part on the stage like she did! Keep her comin’ back! And Alaina too!
I don’t know how Tenino is holding on to that Austin and Loren! But what a blessing to have talent like that HERE! Both Have got it down! They not only have superb vocal talent, but they can sell the music to the audience! I didn’t have to look for stage presence and audience connection. It was JUST THERE!
Now I know that comes with having an excellent director or directors, which brings me to the sterling job done by the orchestra and their directors. It takes a team to come in on cue, especially when the orchestra often was the “cue”, and it was as flawless as possible. Dynamics – right on! Excellent instrument balance!
Only heard one criticism during the intermission. That was about the volume of the sound during Act 1. The person couldn’t hear Austin or some other people using head mics. I think that was rectified as Act 1 proceeded. Whoever is running the sound board has their challenges in a show like this.
Loved all your extras, like Eliana Allin. I think you should keep her around too! She has wonderful facial expressions and was really “into” her roll.
Well, I have gardens to weed, and shopping and cooking to do! So, I’ll end the epistle. See you in church!

For Seussical

This drawing is from one of our younger  audience members who saw our production of Seussical, 2015



Here’s a letter from a community member that came to TYT’s 2009 production of Cinderella.

Hear ye, hear ye! All citizens of the land!
Be it known that this citizen found the recent Tenino Young-at-Heart Theatre presentation of Cinderella to be a truly magical event!
It was an absolute pleasure to watch such a wonderful production— with talented actors of all ages; creative sets, lighting, costumes, and make-up; quality music; sweet, melodious voices (and some purposefully brassy!)
magic, and a message of love and family.
Especially I appreciated that the language and content was appropriate for the queen, the younger prince, and all citizens of the kingdom—young and old.
What a night! What a Ball!
Thanks to all of you who made it so special,